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From the Senior Principal's desk

Clearly evident in all that we undertake, is the extent to which our children embraced the spirit and concept of the Olympic Games.  Our children never cease to amaze us all regarding the heights to which they rise, and the determination they demonstrate in order to realise their objectives.

The year 2012 was a milestone in history with significance to all of us at Southdowns College.  We, as a country, face numerous changes, some of which are soundly based and others which are questionable.  Southdowns College has not escaped the impact of these changes.  This college has achieved a rank and stature comparable to many far older and better established schools.  This stature is as a result of dedication, commitment, pride, tradition and innovation.

This talented and committed group of pupils is a delight to the Southdowns community.  Sound academic results have been achieved and there were, once again, notable achievements on the sports field, with teams from the various sporting codes excelling.  All of this indicates team spirit and camaraderie.  The cultural activities, which were equally of a high standard, brought both entertainment and enjoyment to many.

My thanks and admiration must go to Mr Dean Marsh (Prep Prinicpal), Mrs Helen Erasmus (Pre-Prep Principal) and the staff of entire college.  Their innovation and dedication towards ensuring sound and caring management of the school is well documented. I have always had the greatest regard and respect for the teaching staff.  Teachers are very special people to whom we all owe a special debt of gratitude.  To all of you: I thank you on behalf of parents, pupils and management.  Each and every one of you has brought credit to our profession and the college.  This huge responsibility you all have to mould and shape the lives of the young people in your care must always be exercised with understanding, respect and responsibility.

To the parents: I thank you for your support and varied contributions this year.  The Parents’ Association continues to make an unprecedented difference to the school.  The many projects and funds are administered by a “no-nonsense” group of parents under the leadership of Mr Jaco Kriek.  The children have certainly enjoyed the fruits of your labour.

Southdowns College is indeed fortunate to have such a talented and dynamic group of parents, pupils and teachers.  With a future-focussed vision and with the wonderful support we receive, Southdowns College will strive to always be the best and to give every pupil the chance to develop into a well-rounded adult who will play an important role in the future of this country.  From this strong, bold vision, the path to creating truly enlightened minds is clear.

Mr Vernon Rörich


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